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electric skateboard
electric skateboard
Booko Boards is Veteran owned and operated small business.  We are obsessed with action sports from skateboarding to surfing!  

The focus at Booko Boards is to bring high quality electric skateboards to the market at an affordable price.  Damien Bukovsky has been involved in actions sports his entire life.  His passion was sparked by surfing throughout his military career.  Surfing is an extremely healthy way of dealing with the stress that is brought on by a career in military special operations.  However, surfing on the East Coast can be frustrating as waves come and go with the season.  In the off season he searched for something that would fill the void, skating on a longboard was a great substitute but then he discovered electric skateboarding which was awesome!  However, many boards come at a premium cost that can be out of reach for many.  In addition, there are not many Esk8 board companies that are US based, which means customers are waiting a very long time to get their skateboard.  He wanted boards that would be able to carve well on any type of surface, boards high in quality but affordable, and that are readily available.  Damien then decided to assemble a small team and set out on a mission to bring high quality skateboards to our thrill seekers!     

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